Chapter 1
Chapter one starts with my shift from South Korea to Canada at the age of four. I lived in a small apartment on Jameson Avenue and King Street West. I attended elementary school from Junior Kindergarten to the fourth grade at Queen Victoria Public School. I learned how to read and write in English and made many friends that I still have in contact today. Our apartment was by the lake shore so every sunset was spent along Lake Ontario. Weekends were spent exploring the city with my mother, we didn’t have a car so we used public transportation very often. Our closest subway station was Dundas West Station. In third grade, my parents asked me if I wanted to go back to Korea and I answered no. I finally had friends here and started to pick up the language, I didn’t want to leave. So we stayed. We stayed and applied to be Permanent Residents and then soon after, our Citizenship.
Chapter 2
Chapter two starts with my move from downtown Toronto to the North York region. We moved to a townhouse on Bayview and Sheppard Avenue and we currently live there today. I attended middle school at St. Gabriel from the fourth to sixth grade. During my fifth grade I became a Canadian CItizenship and by the sixth, I was preparing for my audition into Cardinal Carter Academy for the Arts to the visual arts program. I got accepted. These three year was a blur and not very memorable unfortunately.
Chapter 3
Chapter three starts with my acceptance into Cardinal Carter. I attended Cardinal Carter from the seventh to the end of my high school years. I graduated with honors with a background in fine arts and information technology. During these years was when I started venturing on my own. I started taking public transportation on my own to and from school and started to re-explore the city again but alone. I spent many hours working on creating paintings and installations for school assignments in  studios, basements, and bedroom floors. These years is where I found my personality and my creativity. I don’t know how many pieces of work I made during these years but this helped me found my motivation and what I wanted out in a career. For a long time I wanted to become a film director or a DP. I applied to film programs but was not accepted. Although, I was accepted into Ryerson’s photography program immediately. I thought I knew what I wanted to go with my career. This rejection left me lost of my projection for the future.
Chapter 4
Chapter four starts with my acceptance into Ryerson’s Image Arts: Photography program. I have been attending Ryerson University for almost two years now and do not know how long I will be attending for. My career decisions are in constant flux and although I do have an idea, I have no clue where I would end up. I’ve been involved with many student groups around campus during the semesters and work full-time in the summers. I am currently the web developer and blogger for the Ryerson Communication and Design Society, Lead Photographer for the Ryerson Entertainment Conference, and a Creative Intern at startup company called Cleanopy. I have already been placed to be the VP of Media for Tetra Ryerson next year. The majority of my time are consumed up by school work and classes while free time is consumed inside small and quiet spaces.
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