People of Toronto and Art
People of Toronto and Art is a series of photos that illustrate and capture the relationship between the humans of Toronto and art, that is being observed. This series documents how many react to art and their body language towards art. The world of art is something extraordinary and artworks are best seen in person. It is different from seeing a piece on a computer screen versus in real life. Now we are able to virtually go to The Louvre in seconds but the act of walking around a gallery, in person, is half of the experience.
Although this series is about the people, it doesn’t necessary put a face to who the subject it. Many people have their backs turned to the camera so that the subject is open to interpretation for the viewer because anyone can be a part of the photo.
All the photos in this series have a common wide quality to them. I wanted some to have a specific subject and some to have several subjects the viewer could look around for.
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