Jewelled Fruits
Jewelled fruits that resemble Swarovski crystal figures from jewelry stores, each fruit has a personality that corresponds to their backgrounds. All three imaged were shot and positioned as if they were jewelry; rested upon a padded cushion and cloth, that elevates and separate the fruit from the ground just like how jewellery is presented suspended/cradled in presentation windows. 
The apple starts the series off and it is titled "The Scholar" as apples are stereotypical representations for schools and the background mimics a school photo day backdrop. The grape is the second and middle image to this series and with the fact that grapes make up wine. Wine is oftenly gifted during the holiday season and this is why the grape still is entitled "The Holiday Enthusiast". 
The grape also stands with a winter themed backdrop that was intensionally sold to be used as holiday gift wrap. The final piece to this still life series is the pear embodying the title, "The Grown Up". When I think of pears, they remind me of a fruit that is majority enjoyed by the elderly or just an odd green apple wannabe. 
The pear was paired with an old fashioned backdrop that resembles wallpaper in an old apartment. This still life idea was an idea that I had for ages and it was inspired by the drawings/doodles I used to do.
I chose fruits because they are typical still life items and I wanted to have that typical/traditional still life but add a bit of myself which is the patches of jewels on the fruit. I had the idea of the jeweling of the fruit but never knew how to present it. I think i chose dynamic backdrops that fit the intent and I also enjoy the size of the prints. The large prints allows for great detail but if I were to set this up in a gallery I would have the entire series printed continuously on one roll. I came across many challenges during this shoot. Shooting the grapes with the reflective backdrop was very tricky and eventually the only way to fix it was in Photoshop. It took many reshoots to get all the final images and I am really proud with the final pieces.
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