Inspired from a tumblr artist that goes by the screen name as Hexmoire, Interstice is a set of code that generates a 20 second video randomly every time utilizing polygons/triangles. Interstice is defined as an intervening space, especially a very small one which is exactly what the code does. Interstice generates triangles to behave according to specific values that rotates counterclockwise in a three-dimensional fashion. The triangles are generated by an algorithm that find the vertex of the triangles and duplicates and/or is absorbed by another triangle.
My initial idea was to utilize ellipses but i came across the artist on tumblr and was interested in a particular work. I asked if I could manipulate the ready made code and they agree and sent me the code via Github. The code used a specific type of physics that I was looking for and from there I was able to manipulation the code. Originally the code was made to loop every 5 seconds that generated only one possibility.
I added in my own values and used the random variable along with a range of numbers. I adjusted the scale and changed the behaviour of the triangles drastically compared to what the code was originally made for . Although the code was mostly not written by myself,  I learned a lot more than if I were to struggle with my concept alone. I was lucky to be able to contact and ask the artist what most things were happening in the code and they helped me solve many problems along the entire way.
Everytime the code is run, it generates a different scenario of neutral triangles playing on screen behind a dark purple background. Sometimes, because of the randomized set of number, there’s a delay of when the triangles are show. The original code was coded using Processing 3 and I didn’t know how to transfer the code to Processing 2 so I stuck with Processing 3.
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