A psychopath is a person who is mentally deranged, often prone to hurt others. From fairytales to plays, this exploration of fictional characters in time features characters that are arguably and physically proven to have a psychopathic side to them like: Jack from Jack and the Beanstalk, Jack Frost, the Lumberjack from Red Riding Hood, Rapunzel, and Iago from Shakespeare's Othello.
Because most fairy tales or stories are passed down and constantly rewritten, this series uses the root of the charters to describe their path to being deranged.
Inspired by Hayden Williams, a photographer who has a whole flickr page where he uploads his color double exposures shot on 35mm film, this series is made using two 4X5 negatives per photo. A black and white portrait is taken and a colored negative was taken of the character's deranged path. The purpose to this series is to make the audience clustered and submerged by filling their vision with the character’s deranged paths.
The concept was created, characters with disorders, as the photographer became fascinated with the subject. An alternative to this series was to shoot both parts in color and using complementary colors to distinguish the different negatives. But the entire purpose was to make the character be drowning in their disorder which black and white with color did best.
The origins to Jack from Jack and the Beanstalk is that the character has stolen gold from the giants above and has also killed one. A golden building of a bank on Wellington and Bay in Toronto, Ontario represents his deranged path as his root motive was to steal for his own luxury and has taken a life in order to succeed.
Rooted from the character Jack Frost, the origins is that he suffers from memory lost from his past self. Along Jack’s journeys, he regains his memories to find out he has died and come back to life. Hydrangeas represent Jack’s deranged path as flowers are often a symbol of life and death. The blue hue is due to his cold and frosty side and the flower itself, Hydrangeas, are chosen as they are poisonous to humans. Hydrangeas can cause stomach pain, skin irritation and, in severe cases, more serious problems like convulsions and coma.
The lumberjack from Red Riding Hood is said that he killed a wolf to save Red Riding Hood and her grandmother’s life. His deranged path is represented with slaughtered meat as the lumberjack can be argued to be parallel to a butcher.
Stories say that Rapunzel was trapped in a tower for her entire life. Rooted from the play of Into the Woods, Rapunzel turns mad as she is enlightened of her past of being kidnapped and imprisoned by a stranger who pretended to be her mother. Distressed cords hang around this photograph as the audience is left to think what she will do with the cords as her life is at chambles with lies.
Iago is the antagonist in Shakespeare's play, Othello. Iago’s motive to eliminate Othello from his throne causes him to lie and manipulate others into killing each other. Shelves of books are a part of Iago’s deranged path as, before Google, librarians were known to have all the access to knowledge. Anything that we can google now is written down on library card and filed so that maybe one day the librarian answers your question. This practice was used in the New York Public Library and today, they are still continuing to answer library card questions on their Instagram page.
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